Beautiful Haitian countryside

Soccer in front of a picturesque view.

Soldier watches guard at a fuel station in Port Au Prince

Hanging out at the market

Olympic training center in Haiti

Typical Haitian home

Haitian apartments

Haitian girl runs home shy of the camera

My friend Jim

Haitian boys wanting to help with construction

Older Haitian boy poses for a photo

Haitian girls playing the hand slap game

Haitian boy looks to the camera for a photo while waiting for crafts to start

Haitian boys hanging out

Haitian girl shying from the camera

Often siblings carry one another

Haitian classroom (photo by Cassidy Hanner)

Haitian girl works on a craft

Carrying goods Haitian style

Piggy back Haitian style

Haitian boy notices the camera

Hanging out during VBS

Haitian girl smiles after receiving a new dress

Haitian girl poses for photo before VBS

Decorating a crown during VBS

Silly pose for the camera

Happy with her crown

Haitian camp building on a stormy evening

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